Board of Education

“The Jemez Mountain Public Schools will graduate students prepared with the knowledge and skills essential to function in a democratic society.”

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Our Mission

The Jemez Mountain Public Schools will work with families and the community to provide sound academic programs, proficient staff, adequate support services, responsible fiscal management, and safe facilities conducive to learning.  We will support a vision of excellence that students may reach their fullest potential as educated citizens.



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Meet Our Board Members

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Jemez Mountain Policy Manual

The Jemez Mountain Public School District is operated in accordance with policies established by the Board and regulations developed by the Superintendent.  The Board, which represents the state and local community, adopts policies after careful deliberation, and the school administration implements the policies through specific regulations and procedures.  The Board and administration evaluate the effects of the policies and procedures and revise them as necessary.

To promote harmony, efficiency, uniformity of interpretation, coordination of effort, and fairness to all concerned, the print copy of the manual will be accessible at the District office and at such other places as designated by the Superintendent.

How the manual is organized.  The manual is organized according to the classification system of the National School Boards Association.  The system provides an efficient means of coding, filing, and locating policies.

There are 12 major classifications, each identified by an alphabetical code:

A     Foundations and Basic Commitments
B     School Board Governance and Operations
C     General School Administration
D    Fiscal Management
E     Support Services
F     Facilities Development
G    Personnel
H    Negotiations
I     Instructional Program
J     Students
K    School – Community Relations
L    Education Agency Relations

2024 Notices, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes

2023 Notices, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes

2022 Notices, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes

2021 Notices, Agendas, and Meeting Minutes

Nondiscrimination / Equal Opportunity

The Board is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity in relation to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, and disability. This policy will prevail in all matters concerning staff members, students, the public, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the Board does business. The Superintendent will appoint the compliance officers and/or Title IX Coordinators.

All reports or grievances regarding discrimination in employment other than those regarding discrimination on the basis of sex should be directed to the Superintendent’s office of compliance. All complaints or reports of discrimination on the basis of sex shall be directed to the Title IX Coordinator per Policy ACA.