About Us

Welcome to the Jemez Mountain School District!

“We are dedicated to empowering students to dream, believe, and achieve.”

JMPS Vision

Dear JMPS Community:

Several months of planning, discussion and collaboration with all of our stakeholders took place to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses our district needs. The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to define clearly our priorities and action steps to ensure we meet the needs of all of our students, families and staff. This plan will serve as a document and will be evaluated by committees on a quarterly basis using data relevant to each focus area. We will work collaboratively with stakeholders to bring creativity, innovation and a true sense of accomplishment that reflects high levels of effective teaching and learning in all of our schools. It is an honor and privilege to serve the JMPS community. Thank you for your support, engagement and involvement in the Jemez Mountain Public School District.


We take PRIDE in what we do!

Through Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, we will inspire our students to be successful today, tomorrow, and forever.

Our Commitments

  •  Partner with our families and communities to foster a safe environment.

  •  Support students socially and emotionally to ensure they are healthy and secure in their identity.

  •  Cultivate a culturally and linguistically responsive learning environment in allowing students to remain true to their values and beliefs.

  •  Encourage all students to believe in themselves to become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

  •  Provide resources that will academically prepare students for college, career, and life.

  •  Empower students with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals while forging their own path and creating a better world.

  • Through transparency, the district will encourage accountability of all stakeholders,
    including the School Board.

  • To develop and expand collaborative efforts between students, administrators.
    faculty/staff, the board of education, and the community to foster learning,
    communication, understanding, positive culture and school spirit within our schools
    and throughout our school community.

  • Support and encourage the Superintendent and staff to work towards district goals

  • To provide resources that promote College, Career readiness and Life skills for all

  • To Ensure that Board Policies and Procedures are current and implemented throughout
    the district.

Core Values

Perseverance Respect Integrity Diversity Excellence

Board of Education Goals to Support Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

  • Partnership with Families and Communities

  • Safe and Healthy Environment

  • Cultural Connections

  • Creating Lifelong Innovators