I Can Run Really Fast Now

I Can Run Really Fast Now

I can run really fast now, but it’s more than that. It’s not having to wear the same old shoes that I’ve been wearing all year. It’s not having to wear shoes that are way too big, or way to small. To a child it’s even more still. It’s having something brand new that is all mine. That was my vision as the Gallina / Lybrook health aide. It compelled my efforts to acquire enough shoes to hand out 73 pair of new shoes in Lybrook, and 10 pair in Gallina. When I saw the KRQE cares for kids commercial on T.V., I just had to try. It took a few months to get it all put together and make it happen, but it was so worth it, when I saw the looks on the shining faces of the children and heard the squeals and watch the children run really, really fast with their new shoes.
From the outside looking in, for most adults, it’s just a pair of shoes, but to a child it’s a new set of wings it’s a matter of pride, and improved self-worth, it’s being just as good as everyone else in the class, it’s loving the school you go to because someone there cared enough to give you something very special. The end result is a student that is looking forward to being there each day. This opens up an opportunity to teach children who actually want to be there. I want to thank “KRQE Cares for Kids” specifically Carolyn, Mary and Judy for helping me bring my vision to fruition. Seeing the smiling faces of our kids and hearing all the excited thank you’s has filled my heart with joy.

Submitted by Glenda Collins, Lybrook / Gallina Health Assistant

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